Apparel Fundraiser

Thanks for giving us a chance to help with your apparel needs.  In return, we would like to give you back a portion of your group's sales as a fundraiser.  If you'd like to use your funds to order more apparel, gear, or equipment, we will give you an extra 50% of the amount fundraised.  Use the table below to calculate the amount of money that your group can raise.

Total Sales




% Fundraiser




% Towards Free Gear




Here are a couple examples to help clarify:

  • You have a high school soccer team with 35 total players between varsity and jv.  On average each player purchases a t-shirt and hoodie, totaling $45.00 in sales per player.  This brings your total sales to $1,575 so your team can get a check for $126.00 as a fundraiser or you can get up to $189.00 of more free apparel, gear, or equipment (this amount could cover parkas or jackets for your coaching staff, balls or training equipment for your team, or anything else you are in need of).
  • You open up an online apparel store for your entire soccer club (players, coaches, parents, and fans).  Depending on your club's size, this could result in 75 orders with an average order size of $35.  This brings your order total to $2,625 so your team can get a fundraiser check for $262.50 or you can get $393.75 of free gear, equipment, or apparel.